FINEMET Transformer


All our transformers are designed and manufactured by Mr. Suzuki, General Industory in Saitama Japan. They OEM supply well known Japanese audio companies. He is also well known field coil speaker designer and leading  Finemet transformer designer. Winding material and technique is also very important trade secret. He spent several years for development. 

Unfortunately, we discontinued Urushi finish transformer. (3/22/2020).

Our Finemet Transformer has very good phase response, in other words VERY transparent. It makes very difficult to use with components with strong personality such as electrolytic capacitors, transformers and chokes with other core materials.

For success with Finemet Transformer, we need to use all Finemet iron with film capacitors that have very good dynamic phase response. 

Choke input power supply with Finemet Choke is the choice of our power supply topology.

More about FINEMET:

FINEMET® is registered trade mark of Hitachi Metals Ltd.

FINEMET® is Nanocrystalline soft magnetic metal which is special amorphous metal. It's phase characteristics is far better than conventional core material such as Ni and Co-based amorphous metal.

1) Satisfy both high saturation magnetic flux density and high permeability
High saturation magnetic flux density comparable to
Fe-based amorphous metal. High permeability comparable to Co-based amorphous metal.

2) Low core loss
1/5th the core loss of Fe based amorphous metal and
approximately the same core loss as Co-based amorphous metal.

3) Low magnetostriction
Less affected by mechanical stress. Very low audio noise emission.

4) Excellent temperature characteristics and small aging effects
Small permeability variation (less than ±10%) at a temperature range of -50°C~150°C. Unlike Co-based amorphous metals, aging effects are very small.

5) Excellent high frequency characteristics
High permeability and low core loss over wide frequency range, which is equivalent to Co-based amorphous metal.

6) Flexibility to control magnetic properties“B-H curve shape”during annealing
Three types of B-H curve squareness, high, middle and low remanence ratio, corresponding to various applications.